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Without proper nutrition, the whole process of wound and tissue healing after surgery or injury can be negatively impacted. Your diet during recovery plays a crucial role in how fast your tissue heals, how strong the tissue becomes, the duration of the recovery period and how well your body fights off infection. Poor nutrition can seriously compromise tissue healing. MEND Orthopedic was designed to support healing and recovery from orthopedic surgery or injury.
The Formula
Support tissue repair & recovery post injury or surgical trauma.
 Support healing and recovery of bones and soft tissue.
 Provide key nutrients to encourage wound healing.
Supports a healthy immune response for wounds and tissue trauma.
 Supports your body to help manage inflammation.
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“There is growing evidence that nutrition can enhance both the quality of healing and the time for healing.  MEND was developed based on this mounting evidence.” Dr. Robert Marx Orthopedic Surgeon