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I am a founding Board member of the Seeds of Hope Kenya orphanage nonprofit. And we are called to save street children in Kenya from unthinkable…and avoidable - consequences of inaction. There are over 300,000 homeless street children in Kenya - mostly teens with very little, if any, education, no homes, family, means of support, nor hope. The ugly reality is that these “tweeners” are least likely to be adopted and most likely to perish - as the overwhelming majority of these children will die prior to full adulthood.  These kids have little hope to “catch up” in an academic environment as many have not attended school and would be relegated to a grade level untenable to the other students and faculty. So they get lost in the system, get into drugs and crime, live on the streets, and die prematurely. But we can do something about it - based upon the successful model established by Charles Mully in Kenya nearly 30 years ago. The model is to teach vocations, not elementary education, to this group of forgotten kids, including farming, masonry, cabinetry, carpentry, sewing, welding, and custodial. We are non-denominational and we spread the word of hope, love and salvation. We will establish a vocational school and home to house, feed, provide medical care and spiritual counseling, and teach marketable skills to upwards of 200 lost children. Our Kenyan Managing Director, David Kariuki, was once a street child himself. Raised by Charles Mully in a vocational orphanage, David went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Psychology, become the Mully Children’s Family Program Coordinator and  social worker for Child Welfare Society of Kenya, and Tumaini Children’s Home manager. Our initial obstacles have been overcome - we have established our nonprofit status, assembled a non-compensated board, and have begun to raise funds to purchase the land in Kenya where we will build our facility. We have partnered with other good hearted folks in Kenya who have established children’s homes in the past so they may provide guidance - so what we really need now are the funds with which to bring our life saving goal to reality. By order of magnitude, we need about $250,000 to establish the center, followed by child sponsorship to maintain the home as we go forward. The goods and crops produced at the home will partially or completely offset operating costs once the children have become proficient at the various trades. Think of it; for the price of a good motor home in the US, we can establish and maintain a home for hundreds of street children for generations. Without our help, and the help of others doing similar outreach, these children will die. The children we bring to this home and school will become the light to continue the ministry as they pass their skills on to future generations. We need to provide that first light: that flicker of hope, and we need your assistance to succeed. Will you find it in your heart to assist us? I guarantee there will be more joy derived from your direct involvement in saving children than you could ever imagine. Please visit us @                                                         or call us to discuss your involvement at 760-593- HOPE (4673)  May God bless you and yours, Dean Sbragia Board Member Seeds of Hope Kenya www.seedsofhopekenya.org 760-415-0782 www.seedsofhopekenya.org